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Book publicist Susan SchwartzmanBook publicity campaigns for authors and publishers are the focus of Susan Schwartzman Public Relations. Dynamic, aggressive yet affordable book publicity designed to enhance visibility in today’s extremely competitive market is her hallmark.

In fact, a book publicity director of a well-known publishing house called Susan Schwartzman “The Navy SEAL of Publicists.”

Renowned for her tenacity as a book publicist, she has often garnered more media attention for her clients than even they themselves expected.

Honestly. Just read what her clients say about her book publicity campaigns:

“As a first time author of Lipstick in Afghanistan (Simon &Schuster), the daunting task of getting noticed looms large, unless of course you’re lucky enough to be referred to Susan Schwartzman.     Simply put – Susan Schwartzman is the real deal.   Wending her way through the mystifying maze of necessary publicity, she finds the best possible interviews in print and electronic media and manages to get  her clients the first rate mention all authors need.  Local and nationally syndicated television were just the beginning and were soon supplemented by high profile print interviews.  Suddenly people knew who I was.  More importantly, they knew my book.   I can’t imagine being on this journey with anyone else.  If you’re in the market for a publicist, Susan Schwartzman is – for my money, the only game in town.” Roberta Gately, Lipstick in Afghanistan

Author Isa Adney explains why Susan Schwartzman is tops in her book:

“After working with 2 publicists, spending a lot of money and being disappointed with the results, I was ready to give up completely. By sheer luck, I came across Susan Schwartzman. I read her reviews from past clients and I reluctantly decided to give her a try. Let me just say that Susan got me results in the first month that my previous TWO publicists couldn’t get me in one year! She’s the REAL DEAL! Susan has a lot of experience and knows what will attract the attention of the media.

Susan spends the extra time to constantly followup with her pitches, which is extremely important to get media bookings. And while other publicists seem to take on any client(and charge them a lot of money) whether they feel they can get publicity or not, Susan doesn’t take on any client unless she feels confident she can get publicity for them. This is rare in the business!

Anyone who has worked with publicists before knows that publicity doesn’t come cheap. Susan’s fees are very reasonable and she usually over delivers. You simply won’t find a better publicist that can get you publicity at ANY price.
If you’ve been disappointed with publicists before who have charged you high retainers and never did much, you need to contact Susan Schwartzman. Better yet, feel free to contact ME first!” David Che, Total Law of Attraction: Unleash Your Secret Creative Power to Get What You Want!

“Susan Schwartzman is fantastic.  She secured an exceptional amount of high profile TV, radio and print placements for me for both of my books, Quick & Kosher Recipes From The Bride Who Knew Nothing and Quick & Kosher Meals in Minutes.  Susan generated incredible buzz around the “Kosher Rachael Ray” persona which has made me famous.  Susan’s belief in me and support extended to her pitches and I believe that coupled with her professionalism and experience resulted in great success.  I will definitely be calling Susan for book 3!”  Jamie Geller, Quick and Kosher Meals in Minutes

Go to Susan’s book publicity testimonials pages to learn more about what other authors and publishers have had to say about her work.

Her extensive media contacts and book marketing expertise enable authors to maximize their exposure in a marketplace where public recognition is a key element of success.

She provides personalized attention to authors, offering book publicity strategies custom-tailored for each book. Closely working one-on-one with authors and publishers, she is always there to answer any questions they may have and to facilitate media events.

Book publicity campaigns commonly include national and local radio and television, author tours, newspaper and magazine feature coverage, review coverage, Internet publicity, press releases and media kits. Book publicity consultations are also offered on a project-by-project basis.

Susan Schwartzman Public Relations represents both literary fiction and commercial fiction as well as nonfiction titles covering a broad range of subjects: mysteries and thrillers, food, self-help, health and fitness, business and finance, social issues, true crime, current affairs, history, parenting, environmental issues,  memoirs, photography, internet, sports.  Her book publicity campaigns have also featured several bestselling authors and award-winning books.

In addition, Susan often speaks at writer’s conferences including New England Crime Bake 2008 (sponsored by Mystery Writers of America), The New York City Pitch and Shop Conference, and The BackSpace Writer’s Conference.

Susan has contributed articles about publicity to Writer Unboxed, a website devoted to the craft and business of fiction writing,, a publishing website and Your Shelf Life.


Her indefatigable efforts have often resulted in her clients getting top national and local media coverage including:

The New York Times USA Today The Washington Post
The Los Angeles Times Newsweek Time
U.S. News & World Report The Economist Cosmopolitan
Oprah Larry King The O’Reilly Factor
The Today Show CBS: The Early Show CNN
Good Morning America The Jim Lehrer News Hour National Public Radio
Bloomberg Radio The Chicago Tribune The San Francisco Chronicle
The Montel Williams Show

(For a more complete listing of media placements, click here).

Susan Schwartzman Public Relations has in addition promoted books by or for major publishing houses, including:

Simon and Schuster, Houghton Mifflin, St. Martin’s Press, McGraw-Hill, Bantam Books,   HarperCollins, Crown,  Wiley, Workman, Fodors, DK Books, American Management Association, Macmillan, William Morrow, Lake Isle Press, Harvard Common Press, History Publishing Company, Carroll & Graf, Clarkson Potter, Red Dress Ink, Mira, Willow Creek Press, Running Press, Cumberland House.

Susan Schwartzman has also promoted books by top academic publishing houses such as:

Yale University Press,  New York University Press, University of Oklahoma Press, Michigan State University Press,  University of California Press, University Press of Kansas, Thomson Course Technology.


Book publicity campaigns for bestselling authors and award-winning authors  have included: POWER PLAY and KILLER INSTINCT (winner of the International Thriller Writers Award for Best Novel)by New York Times bestselling author Joseph Finder (St. Martin’s Press),  A MEDITERRANEAN FEAST by Clifford A. Wright (Morrow), winner of the James Beard Award for Cookbook of the Year 2000; and THE BARBECUE! BIBLE by Steven Raichlen (Workman), winner of an IACP/Julia Child Award

Among the many titles Susan Schwartzman Public Relations has promoted include:


PRIMAL GRILL® with Steven Raichlen
Steven Raichlen (PBS,  2009)
(New York Times Bestselling Author)
(Based on his cookbooks and in conjunction with the 10th  Anniversary Edition of The Barbecue! Bible)


THUNDER IN THE MOUNTAINS: A Portrait of American Gun Culture
Craig K. Collins (Lyons Press / Globe Pequot Press, 2014)

FROM CHARM TO HARM: The Guide to Spotting, Naming, and Stopping Emotional Abuse in Intimate Relationships
Amy Lewis Bear (Balboa Press 2014)

THE HEALING PATH HOME: A Transformative Journey from Darkness into Light
Jeanne Selander Miller (Pebble Path Printing, 2014)

FINDING MY WAY TO MOOSE RIVER FARM: Living with Animals in the Adirondacks
Anne T. Phinney (Moose River Farm, 2013)

AGE TO PERFECTION: How to Thrive to 100, Happy, Healthy, and Wise
Mark Anderson, MD, DABFM; Walter Gaman, MD, FABFM; Judith K. Gaman, BSHS, MA, CCRC (George House Publishing, 2014)

KINDRED BEINGS: What Seventy Three Chimpanzees Taught Me About Life, Love and Connection
 Sheri Speede (HarperOne, 2013)

LOVE BEFORE SEX: How To Establish Love and Commitment Before Bringing Sex Into the Relationship
Laurie Gelfand, Ph.D. (October 2013)

THE ART OF THE APOLOGY: How, When and Why To Give and Accept Apologies
Lauren M. Bloom, J.D. (Fine & Kahn, 2014)

BULLIED: What Every Parent, Teacher and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear
Carrie Goldman (HarperOne)

FOLLOW YOUR HEART: A Heroic Journey From Crippling Paralysis to Extraordinary Success
Philip Devitte  (Author House)

BOTTLED UP: How The Way We Feed Babies Has Come to Define Motherhood, and Why It Shouldn’t
Suzanne Barston (University of California Press)

THEY MADE ME DO IT: A Cult Survivor’s Memoir of Life After The Cult
Elle Benet (Amazon)

THE DOUBLE V: How Wars, Protest, and Harry Truman Desegregated America’s Military
Rawn James, Jr. (Bloomsberry Press, 2013)

THE MYTH OF EPHRAIM TUTT: Arthur Train and His Great Literary Hoax
Molly Guptill Manning (University of Alabama Press, 2012)

COMMUNITY COLLEGE SUCCESS: How to Finish with Friends, Scholarships, Internships, and the Career of Your Dreams
Isa Adney (NorLights Press, 2012)



AVALANCHE AND GORILLA JIM:  Appalachian Trail Adventures and Other Tales
Albert Dragon (Morgan James, June 2012)





MY JOURNEY AS A COMBAT MEDIC: From Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom
Patrick Thibeault (IBJ Book Publishing, 2011)

TOTAL LAW OF ATTRACTION: Unleash Your Secret Creative Power To Get What You Want!
Dr. David Che (Blue Note Books, 2011)

ASYLUM: The Renegades Who Hijacked The World’s Oil Market
Leah McGrath Goodman (William Morrow, March 2011)

COMMON SENSE CARE: A Parent’s Guide to a Harmless ER Visit
Vincent D’Amore, M.D., FACEP (Strategic Book Publishing,  September 2010)

RED NOVEMBER: Inside The Secret U.S.-Soviet Submarine War
W. Craig Reed (William Morrow, May 2010)

19 WAYS TO SURVIVE:  Small Business Strategies for a Tough Economy
Lynn and Philip Spry (Self Counsel Press, April 2010)

*And She Lived Happily Ever After
Dale Koppel, PhD (Peterman, Samuelson Publishing, LLC)


HOMELAND INSECURITY: How Washington Politicians Have Made America Less Safe
Retired FBI agents Kathleen M. Puckett & Terry D. Turchie; (History Publishing Co.; September 2008)

FOOD FRAY: Inside the Controversy Over Genetically Modified Food
Lisa H. Weasel, PhD (Amacom)


Michael Harvery (Knopf, May 2013)

Barbara Mujica (Overlook Press, June 2013)

James Sheehan (Hachette / Center Street, January 2013)

Jo-Ann Costa (Koehler Books, April 2013)

James Sheenan (Hachette / Center Street, October 2013)

Roberta Gately (Simon and Schuster, November 2012)


Andrew Goldstein (Six One Seven Books, 2012)





Roberta Gately (Simon & Schuster 2010)

SLEEPING WITH MORTALS: The Story of a New York Mistress
Cathrine Goldstein (Mountain Land Publishing, February 2011)

Jeffrey Small (West Hills, March 2011)

Brandilyn Collins (BH Publishing Group, May 2011)


William Dietrich (Harper, April 2010)

Michael Stanley (HarperCollins, 2009)

Kyra Davis (Red Dress Ink)

LUST, LOATHING, and A LITTLE LIP GLOSS (House Hunting Can Be Murder)
Kyra Davis (Mira, 2009)

Christina Sunley (St. Martin’s, 2009)

Nick Stone (HarperCollins)

POWER PLAY(A New York Times bestseller—August 2007)
Joseph Finder (St. Martin’s)

KILLER INSTINCT (A New York Times bestseller—May 2006—and winner of the second Thriller Award for Best Novel)
Joseph Finder (St. Martin’s)

Jason Pinter (Mira)

Jonathan Hull (St. Martins) 


THE LIDDABIT SWEETS CANDY COOKBOOK: How to Make Truly Scrumptious Candy in Your Own Kitchen!
Liz Gutman & Jen King (Workman Publishing Company, October 2012)

JUNIOR’S DESSERT COOKBOOK: Over 75 Recipes for Cheescakes, Pies, Cookies, Cakes, and More
Alan Rose and Beth Allen (Taunton Press, October 2011)

JUST TACOS: 100 Delicious Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Shelly Wiseman (Taunton Press, October 2011)

Reyna Simnegar (Feldheim Publishers; March 2011)

QUICK & KOSHER: Meals in Minutes

Jamie Geller (Feldheim Publishers; November 2010)

SEAFOOD ALLA SICILIANA: Recipes and Stories from a Living Tradition
Toni Lydecker (Lake Isle Press; September 2009)

PRIMAL GRILL® with Steven Raichlen
Steven Raichlen (PBS; June 2009)
(Based on his cookbooks and in conjunction with the 10th  Anniversary Edition of The Barbecue! Bible)


Elizabeth Barbone (Lake Isle Press; February 2009)

YOLELE: Recipes from the Heart of Senegal
Pierre Thiam (Lake Isle Press, October 2008)

Angela Shelf Medearis  (Lake Isle Press)

QUICK & KOSHER: Recipes from the Bride Who Knew Nothing (Nov. 2007)
Jamie Geller (Feldheim Publishiers)

RAISING THE SALAD BAR: Beyond Leafy Greens — Inventive Salads with Beans, Whole Grains, Pasta, Chicken and More
Catherine Walthers (Lake Isle Press)

OCEAN FRIENDLY CUISINE: Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the World’s Finest Chefs
James Fraioli (Willow Creek Press)

Annabel Karmel (DK)

FIRST MEALS: Fast, Healthy and Fun Foods to Tempt Infants and Toddlers (Revised 2004 Edition)
Annabel Karmel (DK)


Mary Ellen Winston and Holly Garrison (Running Press)

THE WAY WE COOK: Recipes from the New American Kitchen
Sheryl Julian & Julie Riven (Houghton Mifflin)

To learn more about how Susan Schwartzman Public Relations can design a book publicity campaign that’s right for your next book, call her today at 877-833-4276.

Steve Raichlen

Susan Schwartzman is the hardest-working book publicist in the business. She simply won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. She did a superb job promoting Miami Spice and The Barbecue! Bible.

Steven Raichlen, author, The Barbecue! Bible

Kyra Davis

When I first hired Susan Schwartzman my expectations of her were high.  She managed to exceed every single one of them.  She got me so many placements, interviews and book signings that it literally became difficult to keep them all straight.  My agent summed it up nicely when she told me that the smartest business move I ever made was to hire Susan Schwartzman.

Kyra Davis, author, Sex, Murder And A Double Latte

Roberta Gately

“As a first time author of Lipstick in Afghanistan (Simon &Schuster), the daunting task of getting noticed looms large, unless of course you’re lucky enough to be referred to Susan Schwartzman.  Simply put – Susan Schwartzman is the real deal.   Wending her way through the mystifying maze of necessary publicity, she finds the best possible interviews in print and electronic media and manages to get  her clients the first rate mention all authors need.  Local and nationally syndicated television were just the beginning and were soon supplemented by high profile print interviews.  Suddenly people knew who I was.  More importantly, they knew my book.   I can’t imagine being on this journey with anyone else.  If you’re in the market for a book publicist, Susan Schwartzman is – for my money, the only game in town.”

Roberta Gately, Lipstick in Afghanistan


Catherine Goldstein

Susan Schwartzman is the best friend an author can have. She knew exactly how and where to market my book: Sleeping With Mortals: The Story of a New York Mistress. Thanks to her tenacity and expertise, I’ve given countless interviews – including spots on national television, high-end radio programs, AOL’s homepage, and even the COVER of a large New York newspaper! Sleeping With Mortals has now been optioned to be made into a film by a major Hollywood producer. I will absolutely be working with Susan again and again. If you are lucky enough to have Susan interested in your book, do not hesitate! Work with her!!! It will be the best thing you can do for your book.

Catherine Goldstein, author, Sleeping With Mortals: The Story of a New York Mistress

David Che 1

Hey Susan, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you going the distance for me. If I’m giving you a Ph.D. for your level of expertise and dedication, my former publicists would be in elementary school…..and I even spent a good deal of money with them. I swore to myself if my last publicist was a bust, I wouldn’t work with another one. And she was a bust. But something inside me said there had to me an ‘honest’ publicist out there. So I went searching online and your name came up. You’ve been called the ‘Navy SEAL of Publicists’ and I agree with that 100%.

So far, I haven’t looked back and I intend to keep moving forward. Any publicity and money generated from the coming weeks I plan on putting back towards more publicity with you…Thanks so much for your dedication. You’re one of a kind in your field!

—David Che, Total Law of Attraction

Irene Kass

I’ve been thinking that it might be time for some of [our authors] to consider hiring a publicist.  The reason I mention this is that one of our newest writers Kyra Davis whose first book SEX, MURDER AND A DOUBLE LATTE has the best publicist I’ve ever seen.  Red Dress Ink has done a lot of publicity on their own…but Susan has gotten Kyra on talk shows, book signings all over the country―and in Europe…Suffice it to say Kyra is going to be big and I think a lot of it has to do with the great help of her publicist. Of course, like the rest of you, that she is talented and has written a great book goes without saying.  In any case I thought some of you might greatly benefit by talking with Susan to get specific information directly from her.  She has not asked me to email anyone, but I am so impressed I’m taking it upon myself to pass along her information…I’m sure she’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Just let her know you’re with our agency.  Warm regards to all, Irene

Irene Krass, Principal, Krass Literary Agency

Amy Zabin

“Susan Schwartzman is fabulous! She took my book to exceptional heights due to her talent, tenacity and tremendous contacts. Her vision was exact and her ability to juggle the two million balls of media attentions was phenomenal. I know for a fact half the readers would never  have even heard of my book had it not been for Susan Schwartzman and her incredible publicity. She came well recommended from a friend who wrote a bestseller, and even as thrilled as he was with her wonderful work, words could not describe the heart and brains she puts into her everlasting efforts.”

Dr. Amy Hammel-Zabin, author, Confessions With A Pedophile: In the Interests of Our Children

Turchie & Pluckett

While the work that Susan Schwartzman did speaks for itself, the intangible aspect of working with her is less obvious unless you are there. Susan is a person of the utmost integrity, has a great sense of humor under all kinds of pressures, never gives up in her efforts to contact and then re-contact a multitude of people at radio, television, and print media organizations, and is tirelessly dedicated to helping her clients get everything (and more) than they pay for. My co-author and I are hoping to publish a third book sometime late this year. We sincerely hope that Susan will have the time to take us on as clients once again.

We have the highest respect for her, and have absolutely no hesitation in providing our highest recommendation to you.

Terry D. Turchie  & Kathleen M. Puckett, PhD, former FBI Agents, authors of Homeland Insecurity

Visit our book publicity testimonials page to see what other authors and publishers have to say about the success they’ve had with Susan Schwartzman’s book publicity campaigns.